This Sunday, Manchester's Met Theatre on Market Street buzzed with excitement as Audition Ready, in partnership with Stage Coach, hosted an inspiring Industry Experience Day. Aimed at children aged 8-16, the event was a resounding success, drawing budding performers eager to take their first steps into the world of performing arts.

The day was packed with specially tailored workshops designed to educate and prepare young talents to be screen-ready. From the basics of acting to the nuances of camera work, each session was crafted to provide valuable insights into the entertainment industry. What made the day even more special was the involvement of Vicky Binns, famed for her roles in beloved TV shows like Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Vicky brought her wealth of experience to the table, hosting some of the workshops and sharing tips and tricks that only a seasoned actress could offer.

"I am thrilled with the turnout and enthusiasm at our Industry Experience Day in Manchester. This event is a testament to Audition Ready's commitment to nurturing young talent and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to shine in the performing arts industry. Having Vicky Binns, with her extensive experience in television, lead some of our workshops was incredibly valuable. It’s inspiring to see the next generation of performers so eager to learn and grow."

Kyle Tovey, Events Director at Audition Ready, reflecting on the success of the Industry Experience Day

For parents and aspiring stars who couldn’t make it, or those inspired to learn more about future opportunities, be sure to visit Audition Ready’s app. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources and upcoming events that are essential for anyone serious about making a mark in the performing arts. As we continue to support and guide the next generation of talent, stay tuned for more events like this that pave the way to stardom for young performers.

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Excitingly, we’re running another Industry Day at the Headgate Theatre on 26th May. To get involved, please contact us at Don’t miss this opportunity to take a significant step towards your performing arts career!

These events are not just performances; they are stepping stones to greater achievements in the arts, supported by resources available through the Audition Ready app. Whether you are following in the footsteps of performers like Ollie and Kaci or carving your own path, Perform Ready is your launchpad to success on the big stage. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience—join us and take your artistic aspirations to new heights!

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