Meet Ollie and Kaci from Audition Ready, who are currently rocking the global stage with the School of Rock International tour across Asia. Discovered and propelled by their passion and talent, they're living proof that dreams do come true with the right preparation and support. Join us to celebrate their journey and find out how you could be next. Let's get inspired together!

Exciting news from the Audition Ready family! Two of our incredibly talented crew members, Ollie and Kaci, are currently living their dreams on the School of Rock International tour, showcasing their exceptional talents across Asia. This remarkable journey takes them through the vibrant cities of South Korea, Japan, and China, where they’re performing to enthusiastic audiences and spreading the magic of live theater.

Ollie’s journey to the international stage was catapulted during the renowned Industry Week, where he caught the eye of top casting director Verity Naughton. His undeniable talent and hard work paid off in a big way, leading to this fantastic opportunity. Meanwhile, Kaci’s path to success was highlighted by her stellar performance in the West End production of Frozen, a role that showcased her incredible range and set her up for international acclaim.

“Audition Ready  is SO fab. Perfect for people wanting to SLAY in this business we call SHOW. Plenty of tips and tricks from amazing PROS and super easy to use. Get into it.”

Joining them on this exciting tour is Ceili O’Connor, a pro from our College Ready program, adding even more talent to this dynamic team. Together, they’re not just performing; they’re inspiring the next generation of artists and proving that with passion, dedication, and the right preparation, dreams can come true.

Ollie and Kaci are truly living their best lives, embracing every moment of this incredible adventure. Their journey is a testament to where talent, preparation, and opportunity can lead. So, we pose the question to all our Audition Ready members: Who’s next? With the right preparation and resources, like the ones found on our app, the next success story could be yours. Stay tuned for more updates from Ollie, Kaci, and the entire Audition Ready crew as they continue to make waves on the international stage. Your path to the spotlight starts here!

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